The best resource for learning about fonts is the Language Geek website by Chris Harvey.

East Cree Fonts

For help with East Cree Syllabic Fonts, please visit this page on the website.

Innu Fonts

For help with Innu fonts, namely the raised u, please visit the Innu-Aimun Writing and Technology pages (in French).

Downloadable Syllabic Charts

These charts give you letter correspondences between the syllabics characters and the Roman writing system in use for each language or dialect. The syllabics characters are in Unicode, so you can safely copy and paste them (with the exception of Plains Cree, Saulteaux and Woods Cree). The presentation of the characters differ from one language to the other, because of different teaching traditions.

For consistency when using syllabic input on computers, you will also find the Unicode number for each character in the extended charts below:

Downloadable Syllabic Charts with Unicode Numbers

Talking Syllabic Charts