Download specially-edited conversation tracks, corresponding to the conversation manuals, for the following languages:

  • Moose Cree
  • Swampy Cree
  • East Cree (based on original CD from 2002)
  • Plains Cree White Bear (based on CD published in 2014)
  • Atikamekw (based on CD published in 2013)
  • Innu Quebec (based on CD published in 2011)
  • Innu Labrador (based on CD published in 2007, manual revised in 2009)

Teaching with the linguistic Atlas


Materials for understanding and teaching Algonquian Languages

  • Into Algonquian by Lori Morris (2017) (PDF)
  • Au coeur des langues alonquiennes par Lori Morris (French version of the above-forthcoming)